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Things to do in Montreal

Spring 2019
25 Mar


There are a number of great experiences to be had in Montreal in Spring. Montreal is a city with a wide range of opportunities from food to history to nature. By knowing the best activities the city has to offer, you can makebest wigs
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the most of your time in the city this season. Booking a comfort room during spring in Montreal is not expensive. Here are the top 5 activities that you can enjoy in Montreal this Spring.


Activity #1: Enjoying World Class Food and Drink


Montreal offers some fantastic options for food and drinks. For tapas lovers, there is the restaurant Tapas 24, who serves up some delicious and authentic tapas. Sushi fans can visit Miso restaurant and sushi bar. For local seasonal food one can also visit La Chasse-Galerie, to enjoy some tasty Montreal cuisine.


Activity #2: Visiting an Interesting Museum


For anyone with an interest in history, there are museums in Montreal to excite and delight visitors. These include The Musée des Hospitalières de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, McCord Museum of Canadian History and many more. The wide range of museums give an insight into how life was in Montreal.


Activity #3: Take a Tour


There are many tours to take in order to learn more about Montreal. These include cycling tours, walking tours and bus tours. A tour is a great way to get out an explore the parts of Montreal that you might not see otherwise.


Activity #4: Soak Up the Architecture


Montreal is home to a lot of stunning architecture. There is even a museum dedicated to architecture, called the Canadian Centre for Architecture. The Jacques Cartier Bridge is a must-see part of Montreal this Spring. Not only is it a beautiful piece of architecture, but it also lights up with a complicated and intricate set of LED lights across the entire structure.


Activity #5: Relax in a Park


Relaxing in one of Montreal’s parks is a great activity to enjoy in the city. Why not pack a bottle of wine, some nice food and enjoy a picnic? Spring the time to enjoy nature, be outdoors and celebrate the end of winter!


Wrap Up:


There are many fantastic activities to enjoy while you are in Montreal. No matter what your taste, there is something for everyone.

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